[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Thu Oct 16 06:09:27 CDT 2003

Ralph Meijer wrote:

>On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 11:40:50AM -0500, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>Journalists are idiots. Feel free to suggest a solution to that problem.
>Right, this Jim Hu guy, that contributed to the zdnet article, is a good
>example of a journalist that just doesn't seem to want to make this better.
That statement is crap and peter's statement is, too. It's like all 
programmers are idiots - it's simply a not acceptable statement. If Jum 
Hu doesn't want to make it better, you should ask yourself why not - 
it's because he keeps a good distance to everything and writes through 
the eyes of outstanders. if we can't put things clear - why should he?

>Peter has contacted him on several occasions about mistakes in his
>news.com.com.com articles and it seems he got so pissed off that we
>dared to suggest he doesn't get it, that he hasn't written one article on
>Jabber since (or XMPP for that matter).
>Furthermore, I haven't seen any new arguments in this thread compared to the
>flame fest a while ago, and we just have a number of people who dislike
>using the name Jabber and a number of people who just love it.
no new arguments?

>There has been a vote on the JSF name change and that's that. Suggesting that
>we do not use the expanded form of our name or even not using Jabber on the
>site is in the same realm. It won't happen.
That's crap. You should recognize that jabber has trapped you in the 
same way others have been trapped. Trapped inside a marketing trap - 
wordy viral marketing. I don't know if you want to get hired by 
jabber.com, but i have no intentions to do so.

>If you really hate Jabber Inc.'s use of the name Jabber, make sure the name is
>so widespread that they don't matter anymore.
Come on, do you get paid by jabber inc? The hell i will do, get some 
marketing 101 - we have helped jabber.com a lot already.

>Please, can we just go on building stuff instead of having this discussion
>every few months? 
We build stuff, but before we build more stuff i'd like to secure some 

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