[Foundation] Re: [Council] Extension Proposals

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at bnet.pl
Mon Oct 27 02:49:22 CST 2003

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003, Paul Curtis wrote on Council mailing list:
> Extension Proposals
> As was stated to me during the last Council meeting, the current 
> enhancement proposals
> will not be a part of the IETF standard XMPP protocol.

I agree this that statement. But I cannot agree with the rest of your
> Categorize the proposals as Final, Draft, and Deprecated. The 'Final' 
> proposals will be
> those proposals that have completed the process, and have been voted on by 
> the membership.
> Proposals that are currently 'Final' would remain so, while those that have 
> not completed
> the process will be marked as 'Draft'. The 'Draft' status indicates that 
> the proposal has
> been entered with the editor, and is currently under review and revision. 

Are you suggesting, that we should get rid of "Experimental" JEPS and
have only "Draft" (which whould be something between current
"Experimental" and "Draft") and "Final" JEPS?

> Further, as many have pointed out, the proposals are not 'Jabber' in the 
> way that many are
> accustomed to referring to it. I will not take a position on such things as 
> foundation
> name changes, but I will suggest that proposals be called 'Extension 
> Proposals' or even
> 'XMPP Entension Proposals' rather than JEPs.

This is the part I disagree with most. Most of JSF members joined JSF
to help developing _Jabber_ protocol and _Jabber_ community. It is great
that new XMPP protocol has been created. It will be the base for Jabber,
but not only for that. Jabber should still be Jabber, but now it will be
one of XMPP aplication. Extesions to XMPP defined by JSF should be
considered Jabber protocol, as standards defined by W3C are considered

I think such big change probosals should be discussed on members list
first (what is Jabber and what are documents prepared by Council is not
what Council should define). Council list is public (for readers), so I
don't think there is anything wrogn with passing the topic here by me.


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