[Foundation] New protocol out of SIMPLE+XMPP :?

David Yitzchak Cohen dave at bigfatdave.com
Tue Oct 28 18:56:04 CST 2003

> > ...but mechanisms for deciding on this kind of stuff is going to
> > appear in the XMPP docs, no?  The net effect is making XMPP more
> > complex for the sole purpose of being able to interoperate natively
> > with SIP, and I fail to see any advantage there. . .

> No, that would not be part of XMPP, that would be some other protocol,
> or perhaps a stream feature that a Jabber server could implement if it
> wanted to -- it's too early to tell, but in any case it will *not* be 
> part of the XMPP specs, it would be some kind of extension or separate
> protocol.

Well, I guess that's not nearly as bad as I was fearing. . .

> I don't see much point in speculating about this stuff until after the
> IETF meeting Nov. 9-14. I'm just posting here to let people know where I
> stand.

Fair enough ... thanks :-)

 - Dave

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