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Lee G. Friedman lgf516 at asg.bellsouth.net
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Ok, here is my 2 cents:

I agree with Francesco; let's get each client profiled...what JEPs does
it comply with? What core Jabber services does it comply with? OS
support, Development environment, etc.... (much of which is already
available on the current site). I think emphasizing the JEP compliance
makes everything seem more "official" and that way we can track the use
of JEPs and refine that process.

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Hi Peter,
I agree with you on all the points but basing the rating of the clients
on the number of features supported. If you want to keep jabber a geeky
thing, the number of features is important; but if you want to make
jabber something that every man in the world would like to have, then
you should also consider, e.g. a clean and simple interface for
accessing those features, the overall stability and so on.

Rating is a qualitative aspect and as such should (as in all software
repositories) come directly from users.

I would introduce, for your purposes, two new fields called like:
- core protocol compliance (percentage on a subset of the features, call
it the basic profile)
- enhancement protocol compliance (again a percentage).
And in any case, the compliance mark should come from objective tests.

BTW, it is just a matter of names ;-).

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> On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 11:50:52AM -0800, Justin Karneges wrote:
> > This is not really very many.  There are less items here than
> what is on the
> > page right now. :)  But of course it could be argued that maybe
> that is too
> > many also.
> My plan is that we will have one overview page with all clients (and 
> one for servers, one for components, one for libraries), then a detail

> page about each client. Exactly how this will work is still up in the 
> air. I'd see the ability to sort the results by OS (for instance), and

> maybe some kind of rating given how many protocols you support (rather

> than showing them all on the overview page) -- then if you are 
> interested in a client (it's the only one for your OS, it has good 
> support, etc.), you can click for details.
> Peter
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