[Members] Introduction

Marco Balmer mb at micressor.ch
Thu Apr 29 17:16:30 CDT 2004

> If you are a new member, please introduce yourself.

Hello @ all,

My name is marco balmer (jid: micressor at swissjabber.ch), living in bern 
switzerland. I was introduced to jabber two years ago by mawis. Since 
november 2002 i'm operating a swiss jabber (swissjabber.ch) server. 

My goals:
- I will continue to push jabber (xmpp) in switzerlands companies.
- Easy access to jabber with documentations and howtos
- Support people to integrate jabber into applications and web services

In the last year, i made some scripts and code pices... 

- SMS Gateway via http://www.aspsms.com 
- First sucessfully tests with jabber to phone services
- Monitoring tools over xmpp
- Sync script between xml file storage and phpbb forum

All my transports and scripts i wrote with my prefered programming language 

If you have questions or ideas for my work on jabber, please let me know. 
I'm open for all. ;)

Thanks to all

http://Swissjabber.CH - moves your message

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