[Members] Is this thing on?

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Thu Dec 16 09:26:05 CST 2004

I read it.

I'd say, the document describes the directionless movement of the jabber

Justin addresses basically a major point to discuss: >> The biggest
issue with Jabber clients is that once people use them they say, “I
don’t see how this is any better than anything else.” <<

I personally think jabber's advantage is not that it's any better for
endusers than AIM or ICQ by default. Client developers make it better.

But - i think business users understand the excellence of jabber as a
protocol over those plain "IM tools". Users like the FOREX traders are
the important adopters. In fact i don't care that much about "Tom
Everyone" - it's the business i care about.

XMPP/Jabber has features which are useful for business applications.

My two cents,

Rottenberg, Hal schrieb:

>Been having some words with my Psi peers, and discussing some things
>through Julian's "Jabber Vision" post
>(http://missig.org/julian/blog/2004/11/27/jabber-vision/).  Has everyone
>read this?  Please do so.
>I think we should be discussing it here.
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