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Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Dec 16 13:35:08 CST 2004

> Of course, consumer end uses keep crying for voice and video 
> integration
> too, but I remain unsure if that's a real need. And seemingly it could
> be built into clients today using JEP-0111 (TINS) or just launching a
> SIP stack. Do we need more negotiation bits around TINS? What is truly
> holding up voice and video -- protocols or the fact that it is simply
> not a priority for client developers?

Even using TINS or a SIP stack, you need to somewhat standardize on 
what those will actually launch.

As for users demanding it?  Don't undersell video and voice chat.  More 
and more, with how common broadband is, people are using voice and 
video chat for things.  Family chats, showing off things, and so on.

Even if you decide to completely throw away the end-user market in 
favor of the business market, teleconferencing is becoming more 
important there as well; voice and video chat, when it works well, is 
better than pure text chat in some ways because there's less chance for 
misunderstanding when you see people's facial expressions.

No, it's not critical now, but it's not something that should be 
dismissed as unnecessary.  Believe me, we've had so much pressure to 
add it to the other networks from both home /and/ business users...

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