[Members] Official jabber API and OS integration

johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Sat Dec 18 04:17:16 CST 2004

referring to my earlier posts in the "Is this thing on?" thread
I want to set up a XMPP library working group with the following 

1.Create an official standard for library design (API design, not in 
programming language)
2.Think about ways how the amount of work of an application/client 
programmer can be reduced to the minimum (in example „user's default 
JID“ that will be used by the libraries automatically)
3.Work on a model to integrate XMPP into desktop and OS:
- Find a way to make the „user's default JID“ accessible through this 
new API design
- Add standard tools that might come with the libraries to 
setup/register a „user's default JID“ and that match smoothly into 
the system control tools of the desktop

A model I was already working on is 

I just want to make developers work together to make it more easy to 
write simple XMPP applications. Whatever I do not automatically 
expect this to be the basis.

Please back me with creation of this working group. We would need a 
mailing list and of course a Wiki would be good, too. For example if 
someone could sponsor a public Wiki we could imediately go the way...


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