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Boyd Fletcher boyd at cox.net
Sat Dec 18 15:20:15 CST 2004

I tend to agree with Hal. My experience with US DoD and some commercial
folks has shown that users (including big corporate and government) want to
see that the technology is compatible/interoperable before investing in it.

In order for any standard or technology to be widely successful it has to
have the backing of the corporate world. Look at Linux for example, if it
wasn't for IBM and Oracle betting the farm on Linux it would not have grown
in popularity or in capabilities nearly as fast as it has. Wide spread
commercial and open source support is the fastest way to win the minds of
the corporate, government, and home users.

On 12/17/04 11:57 AM, "Rottenberg, Hal" <hal.rottenberg at hp.com> wrote:

>> Seriously, what I found was that a lot of client authors were
>> up in arms about who should set what's 'required' or
>> 'recommended' to achieve a certification.  Many were furious
>> over the idea that they might have to add a feature which
>> didn't interest them.  And I got some vehement responses,
>> both on and off the jdev list, about people being open source
>> developers and doing it in their spare time and it therefore
>> being unfair to require them to implement specific things in
>> order to be on the JSF's download list. :/
> Life Is Not Fair!
> If this is what is required for Jabber to attain a higher saturation in
> the market, which I think it is, then so be it!
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