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johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Sun Dec 19 18:06:18 CST 2004

On 19 Dec 2004 at 23:39, Richard Dobson wrote:

> Hi Johannes,
> Your suggestion is interesting but it does seem to be making things overly 
> complex rather than simplifying them, im interested in why you think people 
> will want to develop applications in this way and what benefits you think it 
> has.
> Richard

Imagine the following situation: a user want's to write an 
application that does only a very limited thing - for example a 
weather agent that informs you with weather information.

At the moment a developer would have to write not only the code to 
request and show weather information but also would have to write 
much (even more) code to register and setup a complete XMPP account 
for this. This might als require user interaction to register and 
setup the account.

If there would be a way to acquire user's default XMPP account from 
system (for example from a system service that would also take care 
about resource name conflicts) it would mean less work for the 
developer and the user.

I wrote down my idea at the wiki i setup:



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