[Members] Is this thing on?

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Wed Dec 22 08:33:22 CST 2004

Rachel Blackman schrieb:

>> What about a JSF-certification process ? developers could submit their
>> software for review by the JSF, which could check
>> documentation, JEPs-compliance, etc and then award a certification, and
>> advertise certified software on its website.
> I wish you better luck of this proposal than I had when I put it 
> forward about six months ago on jdev. ;)
> Seriously, what I found was that a lot of client authors were up in 
> arms about who should set what's 'required' or 'recommended' to 
> achieve a certification.  Many were furious over the idea that they 
> might have to add a feature which didn't interest them.  And I got 
> some vehement responses, both on and off the jdev list, about people 
> being open source developers and doing it in their spare time and it 
> therefore being unfair to require them to implement specific things in 
> order to be on the JSF's download list. :/

The certification of course must be a community progress. That actually 
points to something what's on my mind for a long time already - the 
certification list and the certification site and everything related.


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