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Hi Nolan,

i looked at their webpages and documents. I looks that we already have most
of the stuff they try to build.


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The JSF needs a presence in other standards bodies such as OASIS. OASIS
would be the initial standards body that I would identity as needing a JSF
presence. Most of their standards seem to be XML based, and XMPP is
undoubtely the best way to send XML between two points.

At the least a JSF presence would let other standards bodies know that
XMPP exists and what it does. It could prevent various standards bodies
from having to come up with their own messaging platforms or choosing some
other platform. A JSF presence would make the presence of XMPP known, and
they can either embrace it or ignore it. They would be foolish to ignore

Membership into OASIS and other standards bodies cost money, but it would
be money well spent if other standards are built on top of XMPP or is
recommended for messaging.

This page has OASIS's membership fees:

It is something that I recommend the JSF seriously consider. Otherwise the
world may pass us by because we didn't have a voice, as is happening with
protocol being developed for Identity Commons in conjunction with OASIS and, "", where they're 
developing their own XML based protocol.

- - Nolan
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