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Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
Sun Feb 1 09:19:22 CST 2004

Welcome to the JSF Yuexiang.  There appears to be great XMPP/Jabber momentum
in Asia and we're pleased to be adding members of your caliber that can help
continue this trend.   I am especially interested in your thoughts on
promoting and positioning XMPP in the mobile/3G space.  

Tony Bamonti
JSF Board Member

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Subject: [Foundation] new member: Yuexiang Yang

Hi all,

I am glad to be a new memeber of JSF. My name is Yue Xiang Yang . Yang 
is my family name.
I live in Singapore and i am Chinese. I work in an organization founded 
by Sun Microsystem and Singapore
Govement. I am specializing in Linux (6 years) and Java(J2ME, J2SE and 
J2EE). I am software architect.

Currently, i am implenting a jabber server(XMPP server) based on J2EE, 
data binding, multi threading,
JCA, JAAS etc technologies. And the architecture of the server is 
similar to Jabber2 server.

The status of my server is still in testing stage. I test the server by 
using Gaim as clients and j2 server as reference server.
I am active in  the jdev chat room. Thanks a lor for the people in that 
room, they gave me a lot of advices during the
system design and test.

Also, i have ideas about using xmpp in real time media applications. I 
will do some work in corresponding

I wish  xmpp will become the default communication framework/protocols 
in mobile devices in 3G world.

Welcome to discuss about the business oppotunities of jabber.

My jabberid is : hat at jabber.org

Thanks very much!


>Hi all,
>I'm glad to be a new member of the JSF.  My name is Hal Rottenberg, and
>I live near Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  I work for Hewlett-Packard as a
>software consultant in our outsourcing division, specializing in Windows
>system administration and security practices.  I'm a ssyadmin, not a
>programmer, but I could do an ok job playing one on TV.  :)
>My background is about 85% Windows, but I'm a fairly solid Linux user as
>well.  In past lives I've been a QA Engineer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level
>Helpdesk / Tech Support, and "The Computer Guy" that many of us know in
>small companies.
>On the side my main Jabber thing is the Psi client
>(http://psi.affinix.com).  I work closely with JSF members Justin
>Karneges and Michail Pishchagin and the many other contributors to help
>make it a great client.  My responsibilities on the project include
>(making up these titles, we have nothing so formal in reality):
>- Release Manager (jabberstudio, freshmet, SF)
>- QA Lead
>- Community Focus / Forum Admin
>- Developer Annoyance (that might as well be an official title :)
>- Co-webmaster
>I have ideas for several other Jabber applications and JEPs.  I hope to
>move these things forward as time goes on but there's nothing I can
>really point to as an example at the moment, except to say that I've
>helped on these Jabber-related projects in some fashion:
>- Edgar (http://edgar.netflint.net)
>- Jabber Icons portal (http://jisp.netflint.net)
>- Flyspray (http://flyspray.rocks.cc)
>Hewlett-Packard is a partner of Jabber Inc., however my opinions are my
>own and do not necessarily represent my employer unless stated
>otherwise.  My duties for HP have nothing  to do with Jabber (as of this
>writing).  This is subject to change.
>I look forward to working with each of you.
>Hal Rottenberg
>JID: hal at jabber.rocks.cc
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