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Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
Sun Feb 1 09:24:32 CST 2004

Welcome to the JSF Tony.   Chatopus is a fine example of innovative
application and extension of XMPP/Jabber.  Looking forward to your
participation in the on-going evolution of the technology.  I'd also be
interested in your thoughts on the integration and/or co-existence of SIP
and XMPP?

Best Regards,

Tony Bamonti
JSF Board Member

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Subject: [Foundation] new member: Tony Cheung

Hi All,

I am very glad to be part of the JSF.

In my leisure time, I have developed Chatopus, a mobile Jabber client on 
the Palm OS platform.  I am sure Chatopus has introduced Jabber to many 
Palm users, who have not been exposed to Jabber before.  Chatopus is 
available at http://www.chatopus.com. Although Chatopus is not an 
open-source project, I am very glad to discuss any of the design and 
implementation issues of it and the Jabber protocol in general.

My current interest is the mobile applications on Jabber and make sure 
Jabber works best in wireless environment as well as wireline environment.

I also work in a research institute in Hong Kong and my project is a 
SIP-baed VoIP system.

Best Regards,
Tony Cheung
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