[Foundation] New member: David Corvoysier

CORVOYSIER David FTRD/DMI/REN david.corvoysier at rd.francetelecom.com
Tue Feb 3 02:12:51 CST 2004


My name is David Corvoysier and I am also glad to be a new member of the
I live in Rennes, France, and work as a research engineer at France
Telecom R&D.
I am primarily a C/C++ developer, rather focussed on the server side
(more familiar with threads than GUIs ...), but I am less and less
involved in coding, and more in architecture design and expertise.

My interest in Jabber comes first from my professional duties: France
Telecom is a strong supporter of Jabber/XMPP and is one of the
shareholders of Jabber, Inc. I have then been involved during the past
three years in several projects based on the Jabber technology,
including Wanadoo's IM service, that is built upon the XCP product from
Jabber, Inc functionally enhanced by in-house developments:


Note: This service is unfortunately not interoperable with the Jabber
world, only for commercial reasons

Beyond theses professional duties, I am also personally very interested
in Jabber, mainly because I like the Jabber concept.

I will try to contribute more actively this year to the standards
mailing-list and to the JEP process, either on some applications of
Jabber we've done already or on some we are planning to develop. This
may include:

- VoIP and Jabber,
- Extended Presence and relations with SIMPLE,
- Collaborative Work,
- Content sharing ...

Best Regards.

JID: david.corvoysier at jabber.com

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