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milk miruku at bonbon.net
Tue Feb 24 15:03:53 CST 2004

Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote on 24/02/2004 20:29:57:

>> I agree with Francesco; let's get each client profiled...what JEPs 
>> does it comply with? What core Jabber services does it comply with? 
>> OS support, Development environment, etc.... (much of which is 
>> already available on the current site). I think emphasizing the JEP 
>> compliance makes everything seem more "official" and that way we can 
>> track the use of JEPs and refine that process.
>What I think would be cool is a site (not sure jabber.org is the right
>place, but maybe it is) where people can review Jabber clients, so that
>users can find out what others like and dislike.

well there's always my one;
it needs a little work (and input), although i did make the 
main and review pages clearer a month or so ago. 

imo, a comprehensive jabber client feature comparison list would a) 
make it very easy for new (and existing) users to be aware of the 
choices available and b) make client authors (more) aware of the 
features (mainly the more 'interesting' jeps) that their program needs 
to implement to compete in the 'marketplace' and gain more users and 
thus hopefully spur client development. i remember the last time this 
was discussed, someone mentioned (well, i can't remember if it was me 
or someone else) a possible star rating system for the ammount of jeps 
a client supports.

jid: milk at njs.netlab.cz

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