[Members] fosdem 2004

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Sat Feb 28 03:15:20 CST 2004

the fosdem booth was accepted well.
here are some pictures of the booth:
there were three guys at the booth, edwin, christ and this other guy. i 
showed up several times and made the booth my rest place ;-) audience 
was great.
http://fosdem.3ti.be/s/v.php/Benjamin.Jorand/2004-02-22/4/resize/2/ - 
the other guy.
http://fosdem.3ti.be/dj.adams/2004-weekend/ - dj adams pictures
http://fosdem.3ti.be/s/v.php/dj.adams/2004-weekend/9/resize/2/ - edwin

hell, i didn't see dj adams :-) - but he knows richard and leon :-)

i managed to get a presentation about the helix and jabber integration, 
here is a picture of the presentation:

great weekend!
see ya,

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