[Members] Re: [Foundation] Jabber.org Client Chart

Rottenberg, Hal hal.rottenberg at hp.com
Wed Mar 3 13:14:33 CST 2004

> Currently JabberStudio (which is independent of the JSF) does not host
> or point to commercial software at all, but we do from jabber.org, for

Ahh ok, I assumed more of a connection between the two domains than
there apparently is.  What is the scope for jabberstudio.org then?  Only

> > As far as the implementation, I'm imagining a table layout 
> including the
> > JEP #, name, a star for compliance (like the current table, can be
> > half-filled), and a comment field for notes.  
> There are too many XMPP specs and JEPs to show all the data in one
> table, unless your computer screen is a *lot* bigger than mine!

Well you have two big blocks at the top, XMPP-CORE and XMPP-IM.  Then
perhaps there should be a categorization effort of the existing JEPs.
The table can show the top level of categories and allow you to drill

Hal Rottenberg
OTSC Deployment Engineer

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