[Members] Motion for Last Call on JEP 88

Rottenberg, Hal hal.rottenberg at hp.com
Thu Mar 11 15:50:30 CST 2004

> One of my main beefs with JEP-0088 is that it should be 
> Informational rather than Standards Track.

First, thanks everyone for clarifying the process.  However, next time I
will RTFJ (0001).  :)  Note: I'm not copying this to standards-jig as
Thomas said.  Let me know if I need to bounce it, I didn't want to
"spam" on my first real email here.

I can see a use for the concept of embedding webpages into clients, and
if this is something to be done from the server-side it will be pretty
useless if we don't have standardization..  But this JEP is pretty bare.
If it is going to be on the Standards track I think it needs a lot more
meat in it.  For example:

1) Some of the language was a bit ambiguous to me.  I'd like to see the
Terminaology stuff inserted that most other JEPs contain now (e.g. "The
keywords "MUST", "MUST NOT"...).

2) What kind of data are we expecting from the webtab component?  How
will it be transmitted?  I would _assume_ that the webtab component is
meant to be simply a webserver with a small XMPP piece to point jabber
clients to one or more URLs located on that webserver.  But is the
Jabber client expected then to switch to HTTP and display that URL
inside a "webtab"?  That's more or less how I understand Yahoo et. al.
to do it but that does not mean that's how Jabber clients should do it.
Again, I am just assuming here.

3) Alternatively, will the data to be displayed be encapsulated within
XML stanzas?  If so the JEP would seem to be dependent on something like
XHTML-IM, right?  Can't very well move forward with this JEP without
that one too.  

4) Type.  "The "type" is a hint to the client of what the service being
provided is, this allows a client to possibly display icons on the tabs
to represent them".  Why be so vague?  Let's define a small number of
them (you have a beginning there in the example code) and write a short
description for each.  That will aid implementations and perhaps
generate some more interest as well.

Am I out of line here saying "nay"?  Or do my comments just need to be
added to standards-JIG for the author to deal with within the Last Call

Hal Rottenberg

Operations Technical Support Center - Deployment
Managed Services Design & Delivery
Hewlett-Packard Company

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