[Members] Motion for Last Call on JEP 88

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Sat Mar 13 07:03:33 CST 2004

> If the JEP is changed to Informational status, a working implementation
> will need to demonstrate the protocol.
> IIRC, the requirement was at least one open-source implementation, but
> that may have changed since.

The implementation will not be open-source.

> I understand the concept of webtabs and know how they may be used.  Many
> clients already support them (RhymBox, JIM, etc).
> Knowing how closely webtabs are tied into a specific client, I fail to
> see how this JEP will be useful for any but your own client.

Sorry but I fail to see how it wouldnt be useful in every client that might
want to implement this functionality, I cant think of any reason that could
not be easily over come, please explain what makes you think this, otherwise
without some kind of evidence this statement is useless and thus not valid.
The only reason I can think that you might be against this is because it
takes control of what the webtabs will be away from the client developer and
into the hands of the server administrator (which is where it should be

> Or is there a wider demand for a common webtab specification, that I am
> unaware of?


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