[Members] Motion for Last Call on JEP 88

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Mar 16 10:39:33 CST 2004

> I understand the concept of webtabs and know how they may be used.  Many
> clients already support them (RhymBox, JIM, etc).
> Knowing how closely webtabs are tied into a specific client, I fail to
> see how this JEP will be useful for any but your own client.

Ive had a look at your implementation of web based tabs and can see that
there is no reason your client couldnt be adapted to use this protocol, also
this protocol is still useful to you even if you do not wish to allow server
administrators to define what webtabs clients will display, as you can host
your own webtab component and hard code into your client to use that host,
this allows you the flexibility to change the webtabs your users see without
them having to do any software updates (although this isnt the ideal
situation, its far better to allow server admins to define the webtabs).

> For this reason I suggest the JEP is changed to Informational.  (Is that
> possible at this stage in the JEP process? stpeter?)

Problem is I dont think its really appropriate for Informational as it is
defined in JEP-0001 because for this to work it needs to be defined as the
standard for server defined webtabs, also the wording for Standards Track
doesnt seem entirely clear as to what it means, wether it means that clients
have to implement the protocol whatever (not quite what I am aiming for,
dont want to force people to implement webtabs) or if clients should be
using it as the standard protocol for the functionaility in question (which
is what I am aiming for, the standard for the definition of webtabs from the

Also btw do you have written permission from the BBC to include their
newsfeed in your client?


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