[Members] Motion for Last Call on JEP 88

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Thu Mar 18 06:46:58 CST 2004

Richard Dobson wrote:
>>For this reason I suggest the JEP is changed to Informational.  (Is that
>>possible at this stage in the JEP process? stpeter?)
> Problem is I dont think its really appropriate for Informational as it is
> defined in JEP-0001 because for this to work it needs to be defined as the
> standard for server defined webtabs, also the wording for Standards Track
> doesnt seem entirely clear as to what it means, wether it means that clients
> have to implement the protocol whatever (not quite what I am aiming for,
> dont want to force people to implement webtabs)

You can't force them.  Not all programming languages or client designs 
can support webtabs.  I know that Tk sucks just enough that it doesn't 
have an html renderer.  Nor can it encapsulate another window and make 
it appear as part of the application.

It's nice that MS came up with this and the gtk people copied it.  But 
for the rest of the world it's not that easy.

Plus, how do you handle command line clients?  There is no GUI with 
which to display HTML.

My fear about making this a standard is that it's a standard that not 
everyone can meet.

Maybe we need a third track.  Optional standards.  A standardized way of 
doing something without making it part of the official Jabber standard.

But really...  That's what informational is meant to be.  I had to 
figure something out, here it is, you can freely use it as a standard.

I don't know...

Ryan Eatmon
reatmon at jabber.org

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