[Members] Re: MOTION: JEP-0106 (JID Escaping)

CORVOYSIER David FTRD/DMI/REN david.corvoysier at francetelecom.com
Mon Mar 29 02:10:30 CST 2004

I agree with you, it is rather a mapping than an escaping issue. And as far as I know, only for the MSN gateway.
BTW, if we consider that MSN is supposed to be SIP-compliant (or will in the near-future), this means that as far as the MSN gateway is concerned, we actually need a mapping between XMPP and SIP URIs ... I don't know how this should be handled, since XMPP doesn't support JIDs like sip:node at domain. Maybe you found a neat way to handle this in Antepo's Sametime gateway ? 

Now, for the backward compatibility, I think it is of course desirable, but not a protocol issue, because the MSN gateway could still support the two ways of adressing MSN clients. Or am I missing something ? 


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> IMHO, the example given illustrates perfectly that the issue 
> is not with JID escaping, but rather with the  address 
> translation between XMPP and any other communication/IM 
> namespace. We have a logic associated with converting the MSN 
> namespace to the XMPP namespace, and the legacy solution has 
> been to include the MSN address as the node in the gateway 
> addressing. If we come up with another mapping between the 
> two namespace that does not contain a logic in the node, then 
> the escaping of @ should not be necessary. Unless I am 
> missing something...
> Jean-Louis

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