[Members] Council queue and JEP priorities

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Sep 15 18:23:00 CDT 2004

Although the proposed version 1.14 of JEP-0001 [1] specifies that the 
Council shall issue Last Calls on JEPs (rather than the membership), I 
do think it would be good for JSF members to discuss which protocols we 
need to be working on and such. For instance, as Council Chair I've 
started using a web page to manage the JEPs that are queued up:


If members have feedback regarding which JEPs to push forward first, 
feel free to discuss that here or message me off-list. For instance, 
the extended presence JEPs (0080, 0107, 0108, 0112) are going to 
referenced by a presence spec I'm writing for Liberty Alliance, so I 
would like those to be Draft before that document is sent around for 
internal review (probably in a month or two). But other JSF members 
might have JEPs that they want to see advanced sooner rather than 
later, and that kind of feedback is welcome and appreciated.



[1] http://www.jabber.org/~stpeter/jeps/01.html

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