[Members] motion: Last Call on JEPs 80, 107, 108, and 112

Jonathan Siegle jsiegle at psu.edu
Fri Sep 17 07:04:36 CDT 2004

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> As mentioned, I would like to move forward with the "extended presence" 
> JEPs. These JEPs are currently referenced in several Internet-Drafts and 
> other specifications (e.g., the presence spec I am writing for Liberty 
> Alliance), so it would be good for them to be Draft rather than 
> Experimental. Therefore it seems appropriate to issue Last Calls on the 
> whole lot of them, i.e.:
> JEP-0080: User Geolocation
> JEP-0107: User Mood
> JEP-0108: User Activity
> JEP-0112: User Physical Location
> (JEP-0118 is not part of this group, since it's not part of extended 
> presence as most people define it.)
> If you approve of moving forward with these JEPs, please second the motion.


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