[Members] Meeting in Vienna @ OCG

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Fri Apr 29 07:05:02 CDT 2005


following a short report from my business presentation in Vienna for the
Austrian Computer Society.

Start was at 17:00h CET in the Technical University, electronic
engineering department of Vienna, Austria.
About 80 people, some suite carriers, some students, some beard wearing
freaks showed up to listen to a presentation about Asterisk, one about
SIP and one (mine) about Jabber, the Foundation and technical benefits
and scenarios for open source enterprise scale instant messaging with

The audience was excellent, highly motivated, enthusiastically asking.
Questions were about security and encryption of traffic (end to end),
about SSL between servers and about the trademark process - may someone
use jabber in it's product and my he advertise his product with jabber,
especially in commercial products.

A discussion about GPG in jabber took place, too.

After about an hour my presentation and the discussions were done.

The presentation slides are available at
http://www.activestocks.de/ocg.html and at

Images and photos are about to come.

Propably by fall this year the next meeting from the OCG will take place
and if everything goes well jabber may have a booth at a special two day
event of the OCG. The TU Vienna will deploy a jabber server.

keep up,
stick together,

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