[Members] Software map needs a helping hand ...

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Mon Aug 8 07:06:52 CDT 2005

Hello Members,

the jabber software map could need a helping hand. The jabber software 
map is a product in development, which will very likely integrate into 
the jabber.org site seemlessly, with the purpose of serving the jabber 
community with an easy to use software directory for jabber software in 

The current implementation in the current state is free for public 
viewing at http://dyndna.dynalias.org:8000/jabber/user/index.php .

The wiki page is at http://wiki.jabber.org/index.php/Jabber_software_map

As you can clearly see, the implementation needs a designer or a 
sophisticated webber.

I for my part am working on the backend and the functionality - all work 
on this project, so far, has been done by me.

Ok, now to the more important part: If you feel as if you have some time 
to spend on the project and if you actually want to put some energy into 
this project, contact me through jabber to sort out the further 
modalitys. Written credits on the project's "About" page are yours, for 

Of course, all other help beside a designer's touch is highly appreciated !


Board of Directors, J.o
JID: uls at jabber.org

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