[Members] Google and Jabber/XMPP

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Wed Aug 24 13:24:41 CDT 2005

At this point, I think we all need to relax and step back. This is a 
BETA release for Google, so that they can start figuring out technical 
and business issues. The JSF Executive Director is already in contact 
with them, and I'm sure that, when the time is more appropriate, he'll 
bring the JSF Board of Directors (and the general membership) up to 
speed on what's going on.

I'm willing to assume Google is aware of the JSF, since we are one of 
their "Summer of Code" mentoring groups. And since they're aware of us, 
and know that we do stuff with this Jabber/XMPP thingy, that they're 
people are talking with our people, or will talk to them once they 
figure out their internal issues with their BETA.

They could have just as easily made a deal with some proprietary 
organization, or gone with a SIMPLE-based solution. Instead they chose 
us. So let's welcome them to the family of Jabber/XMPP users, and not 
act like a bunch of seemingly-wrong zealots because they didn't do 
*exactly* what "we" would like with their BETA program.

I recommend that we should applaud Google for choosing an open and 
interoperable protocol, let them know we're here to work with them 
(which is sounds like we've already been doing), and allow them some 
time to start gathering some information from their BETA program.

-  LW

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