[Members] Google and Jabber/XMPP

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Wed Aug 24 13:52:40 CDT 2005

Matthew A. Miller wrote:
> I recommend that we should applaud Google for choosing an open and 
> interoperable protocol, let them know we're here to work with them 
> (which is sounds like we've already been doing), and allow them some 
> time to start gathering some information from their BETA program.
Hear, hear!

I'm sorry for my sometimes somewhat harsh remarks. I'm really very, very
happy with Google's move. I just got a bit worried about their sheer
size and marketing department :) I just think that we should keep a
close watch as long as we don't know what road they are going to take.
Now that I know that Google has good reasons for not providing S2S yet
and knowing that stpeter is OK with the things that they have planned
I'll stop posting my suspicions to these lists and I'll just be happy
with what they announced today :D

 From what I've read so far they seem to want almost exactly the same
thing that we have been after for years now. Good news :) Let's hope
that they'll make some good progress on their server software in the
near future. Pubsub on google.com could be very interesting :D


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