[Members] Google and Jabber/XMPP

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Thu Aug 25 03:00:59 CDT 2005

I second that. 
It is great news. It's beta. It could have been SIMPLE.
Lets make them feel good in the Jabber community. 

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>At this point, I think we all need to relax and step back. This is a 
>BETA release for Google, so that they can start figuring out technical 
>and business issues. The JSF Executive Director is already in contact 
>with them, and I'm sure that, when the time is more appropriate, he'll 
>bring the JSF Board of Directors (and the general membership) up to 
>speed on what's going on.
>I'm willing to assume Google is aware of the JSF, since we are one of 
>their "Summer of Code" mentoring groups. And since they're 
>aware of us, 
>and know that we do stuff with this Jabber/XMPP thingy, that they're 
>people are talking with our people, or will talk to them once they 
>figure out their internal issues with their BETA.
>They could have just as easily made a deal with some proprietary 
>organization, or gone with a SIMPLE-based solution. Instead they chose 
>us. So let's welcome them to the family of Jabber/XMPP users, and not 
>act like a bunch of seemingly-wrong zealots because they didn't do 
>*exactly* what "we" would like with their BETA program.
>I recommend that we should applaud Google for choosing an open and 
>interoperable protocol, let them know we're here to work with them 
>(which is sounds like we've already been doing), and allow them some 
>time to start gathering some information from their BETA program.
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