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As you've probably heard, Google is running a cool program called 
the "Summer of Code", which enables university students to work on
open-source projects during the summer months and earn $4500 at the
same time. The goal is to get university students excited about and 
familiar with open-source software development by working on a coding 
project. The Jabber Software Foundation is a mentoring organization
for this program, which means you can work on a Jabber/XMPP-related
project for the summer and get paid for it. I've heard that you will
also get a T-shirt out of it. ;-)

I have created a web page about the JSF's involvement with the Summer 
of Code program, including a preliminary list of possible projects:


I'm sure there are many more potential projects lurking out there, so
let's discuss them on the list here and I'll update that page.

Feel free to ping me via Jabber or on this list if you have any
questions or suggestions.



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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