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Johannes Wagener johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Tue May 10 02:45:40 CDT 2005

> I agree with both Peter and Ulrich.

Hey, in fact we should remember what the JSF really is and can be. So far it
is basically just an organisation to decide about XMPP protocol
modifications and publish information about the XMPP protocol on jabber.org.

In addition to that some are giving talks about XMPP and others write
software for fun. Whatever these two points have nothing todo with the JSF
itself but only with people's motivation - anyone can/could do this.

Last year I wrote an application that should make it more simple for users
(of the protocol) to develop jabber dependend applications. Sadly there was
nearly no interest in it. I thought about the reasons for this... ok, maybe
it's idea or design is not usefull enough :/ Anyway I am thinking about if
it is worth to start another jabber project. My first two projects were
simple Jabber Chat Messengers. Even there it was impossible to get enough
users interested in the projects to keep them alive. Why is this? Because
most people really don't care about security. I doubt that even 1% of all
emails are encrypted. Users don't see any reason to switch from the *very
easy to use* MSN Chat Messenger to an open protocol that has no comparable
easy to use client.

But that's not the point here ...

There are other big organisations in the net that are well known. For
example the mozilla project. But they are all developing end user software.
We are developing protocol extensions only. (For Software there is
jabberstudio) I think the JSF is important enough to stay alive because the
protocol makes sense. Over the years more and more people will use XMPP
(without even knowing it) but this will probably be a slow process. This
will only increase if there comes a new KILLER APP (in example if gmx or
google offer XMPP services).

We should not be very strict about who is allowed to join the JSF. In my
opiniom anybody may join who has a reasy to join. Writing XMPP dependend
software is probably the best reason to join because they may have direct
influence on the protocol they work with. But basically I welcome anyone who
might have a reason to influence the protocol :)

Btw. I would still welcome an official jabber related software project that
is directly under control of the JSF - in example a mozilla XMPP plugin for
Thunderbird or some extension for one of the big email servers (as software)
to fuse them with XMPP. Together we could be strong enough to spawn our own
KILLER APP and I would be motivated to spend my restricted time in writing

Johannes W.

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