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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Tue May 10 03:45:13 CDT 2005

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Johannes Wagener wrote:

|Last year I wrote an application that should make it more simple for
|(of the protocol) to develop jabber dependend applications. Sadly
there was
|nearly no interest in it. I thought about the reasons for this... ok,
|it's idea or design is not usefull enough :/ Anyway I am thinking
about if
|it is worth to start another jabber project. My first two projects were
|simple Jabber Chat Messengers. Even there it was impossible to get enough

Jabber Chat Messengers...the lack of interest is right there in the
name. :-)

|Btw. I would still welcome an official jabber related software
project that
|is directly under control of the JSF - in example a mozilla XMPP
plugin for
|Thunderbird or some extension for one of the big email servers (as
|to fuse them with XMPP. Together we could be strong enough to spawn
our own
|KILLER APP and I would be motivated to spend my restricted time in

Choosing such a project would be more hassle than it's worth. The best
way is a voluntary process. The author(s) of an open-source project
apply to make their project an official JSF project, the members
and/or council vote on the project, if it's accepted the copyrights
must be signed over to the JSF, and development continues as it did

Some PR and other project infrastructure might be needed too, but a
democratic process would involve less disagreements than if we just
said "let's take /my/ client and make it JSF official" because a
competing developer would get a bit inflamed.

I suppose it would be a lot like membership, but for a project. The
project gets to carry the JSF badge.

- - Nolan
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