[Members] Voting criteria

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Tue May 10 16:31:32 CDT 2005

Nolan Eakins wrote:
> I guess trying out the
> programs would give us something to do.
Eehm. It's not like the average JSF member is bored and has lots and 
lots of spare time. IMO there are more productive things that the JSF 
could do than create even more open-source projects, what would the 
added value of being an 'official JSF project' be anyway?

IMO doing more marketing would be much, much, much more productive. 
There are already lots and lots of people programming cool things for 
Jabber. If we want to increase the number of projects further we should 
work on more basic stuff like making sure that people know what Jabber 
is, creating up to date documentation (FAQs, HOW-TOs, etc), making press 
releases, creating exposure for Jabber in the online and offline media, 
etc, etc, etc.

There has been a lot of talk about these things and also about 
new/better server/client lists, certification programs, etc, but almost 
nothing is followed through (yes, I know, jabbercentral.org isn't up an 
running yet either). IMO it would be nice to focus on these things 
first. IMO having a decent/usable certification program would be more 
valuable than yet another random opensource tool that does something 
with Jabber but now created by/through the JSF. If we really want to do 
something with software we should host a bounty system (that also has 
been talked about a few times but which also wasn't followed through).


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