[Members] Voting criteria

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu May 12 03:30:16 CDT 2005

> For me it would be important to hand over the copyright to the JSF. And by
> the way, there are so many talented programmers in the JSF, why not let 
> the
> JSF find a project to create under the copyright of the JSF with MIT or
> *something* license in a vote? I know that many members of the JSF are
> commercials, earn their money with jabber software and fear *any*
> competition but if the software is MIT license it might not be a real risk
> as they could just take the source for their own closed source stuff. (You
> all know about MIT license i guess).

Yup we get what you want, and there is no reason we couldnt have the JSF 
holding the copyrights for software that the creators dont want to hold the 
copyrights for anymore, but that is a whole different issue from making 
those projects "Official JSF Software", which is a bad thing unless everyone 
has the opportunity to obtain such a title (which is what certification is 
best at), whereas restricting "Official JSF Software" to be only one for 
each type of application (i.e. only one IM client, one server etc) would be 
very very damaging to the community and competing clients, yea it might 
reduce the amount of different implementations available to only the 
official JSF ones over time which im sure some might see as a good thing, 
but IMO that is infact very very bad and damaging thing for the community, 
choice is good.

Whereas certification is far more likely to foster more development, more 
competition (which is good) etc as it allows everyone to acheive the same 
awards/badges if they acheive certain levels of compliance with the 
protocols and the amount of protocols etc they implement.

> And there are really many very basic "applications" missing for Jabber, in
> example a XMPP SDK for windows.

Thats not true at all, there are loads of XMPP "SDKs" available that you can 
use for windows apps, varying from commercial ones to open source ones.


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