[Members] Voting criteria

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Thu May 12 03:53:58 CDT 2005

>> But--I've always been supportive of the certification idea as well.
>> But I would want multiple levels.  We have already established
>> several--XMPP, Basic IM, Intermediate IM, etc.  The only thing lacking
>> is to formalize a process to get on one of these three lists (or
>> others).
> Yea thats good, IMO certifications is the only really fair way to 
> assign honours to clients, they have something specific to work for 
> and everyone is held to the same set of rules to get the honour.
Certifications are much better than a favoured client - Certifications 
can be achieved by everyone - favouring only one project easily produces 
The formalized process could be something like a certification robot / 
some server implementation / some client implementation which checks 
various things.
The test cases must be formalized (altough they are already in the XMPP 
Anyway, that's seriously a JSF project we should work on.

>> And once you have that going, why not measure the popularity of
>> projects (like Sourceforge)?  That would certainly favor the good
>> projects over the bad, and that is a good thing.
Some projects on sourceforge are not that good, they are just on the top 
list. I.e. the D20 Dice Generator, which had incredible tens of 
thousands page impressions per day and a couple of thousand downloads 
per day. The stats on SF are easy to cheat - just start a hit generator 
and you get up on the list.


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