[Members] Voting criteria

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu May 12 04:01:12 CDT 2005

> Disenfranchising might also be a good thing. It could consolidate a
> few clients so developers could focus their efforts instead of
> duplicating them.

Disenfranchising is rarely a good thing, if someone gets disenfranchised 
they are far more likely to just give up, it would be highly unlikely that 
they would then start work on someone elses project, it wont focus efforts 
it will just drive away developers and reduce choice, which inturn will 
likely make the remaining developers lazy, having lots of competition is 
good it constantly pushes developement to keep up with their competitors, if 
you dont have any competitors there is far less of an incentive to make your 
software great as you have anything to compare it to.

> A start would be to go through the JEPs specified in each suite and
> create checklists for each use case. Then it would only be a matter of
> getting some reputable people or other scheme to go through these
> checklists. Perhaps this is another "Official JSF" label could come
> into play: official JSF certifier. An app gets JSF certified if two or
> so official certifiers have certified it. Perhaps a setup like the
> certificate authorities have setup to verify identity could be done
> where two or three notaries must sign off.

Thats a good method for manual certification.

> Another question would be do we just certify interop or the use of the
> protocol(s). I would also imagine clients would need to be certified
> by hand whereas certification of servers and components could be
> automated, so long as a certified library was used.

I think you are probably correct, for client certifications there will have 
to be a manual element to the certification, although im sure some of it can 
be automated, the best thing to do for clients would probably to have an 
automated bot that the certifier interacts with as it they where another 
user and the bot will check everything it can automatically, but things like 
sending and receiving subscriptions and messages will likely have to have a 
manual element to it.


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