[Members] Voting criteria

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu May 12 11:26:48 CDT 2005

> Yes, sure. But comeon, we are just a few people in the JSF, we can find
> projects that most will like. I just say that XMPP exists for several 
> years
> now. And there are hundrets of Jabber/XMPP solutions out there. Most are 
> not
> XMPP compliant anymore, many abandoned, many commercial but there is none
> that integrates into OS very well.

What do you mean exactly by integrates into the OS very well?

> We all expect XMPP to be THE protocol to
> handle future presence exchange. It would at least make sense to also 
> argue
> about the "default" XMPP OS integration. In example any webbrowser starts 
> up
> the default email client when someone clicks on the mailto: link in a
> webpage.

There is already a standard that handles this, the jabber URI standard that 
Peter has been working on.

> A JEP about where to store users XMPP accounts in registry would be
> good, too.

Not really, in order to allow different software to be able to access these 
details you would need to store the unencrypted to ensure interoperability 
which is a enourmous security hole, and thus IMO is a big no no, unless you 
want worms to be able to get onto your pc and then be able to login to your 
XMPP account without your knowledge and start spamming to its hearts 
content, all in your name, hmm not so good me thinks.

> These small features make new ideas to break through. As you can
> see, Microsoft integrates it's MSN messenger more and more into windows. 
> We
> have to achieve this for jabber, too...

The sort of level of integration microsoft can achieve into windows is 
something we are very unlikely to be able to ever achieve since we do not 
have the source code for windows, or office or any of the things they are 
integrating with.

It would be interesting to know what sort of levels of integration and types 
of integration you are expecting, as things like MSN messenger do not really 
integrate that much into the OS at the moment, the main things ive noticed 
are the things in hotmail and office (but that is windows messenger not MSN 


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