[Members] 10,000 ft level protocol overview

Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 13:49:53 CDT 2005

Peter et al,

I think it would be of some value to see at a glance, the status of
JEPs and perhaps more abstract "efforts".  Part of the solution for
this would be for us to bring some manner of filtering and sorting
back to the jeplist.  But how to track things like "VOIP" or
"encryption", when there are multiple JEPs that may be in development
and various things in the inbox that don't even appear on the jeplist?

One idea that occurred to me would be for Council members (or JSF
members at large?) or a JEP author to sponsor certain projects and
keep some manner of status page for it until something is in "active"
state.  Something less constrained than the technical language of the
JEPs themselves, and something that can encompass multiple JEPs and
proposed JEPs.  I think the wiki would be the best repository for

To use VOIP as an example, say I represent a business interested in
establishing open-source VOIP for my employees.  We already run a
jabber server, so the logical thinking would be to see how I could use
that resource to do voice as well.  I don't care about the status of
JEP-xxxx or yyyy.  I just want to know, "can XMPP do VOIP?"  Maybe I
have a budget for this and I see that the answer is "no", but that a
few individuals are working towards different ways to acheive the
goal.  Well now I know who to pay to get it expedited.  :)


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