[Members] Temporary Solution regarding Wiki Accounts

Jean-Louis Seguineau jls at antepo.com
Wed Apr 19 05:17:08 CDT 2006

Gentlemen, there is definitively an issue on jabber.org, as even direct
client connections are bouncing. Just to make sure, my JID is
jlseguineau at corp.antepo.com. Could we try from a different server if anyone
of you is hosted outside jabber.org. Looking forward to you subscriptions ;)


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Seems to be. Are you able to connect to other jabber servers?


> > As your jid propably is jlseguineau at im.antepo.com, i can tell you that i
> Could this problem be due to s2s connectivity issues?  I'm currently
> not able to connect to jabber.org since the upgrade :)

http://web.swissjabber.ch xmpp: micressor at swissjabber.ch

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