[Members] Temporary Solution regarding Wiki Accounts

Jonathan Siegle jsiegle at psu.edu
Wed Apr 19 05:42:59 CDT 2006

I've pinged you. I've also verified I can talk to corp.antepo.com.

Jean-Louis Seguineau said the following on 4/19/06 6:17 AM:
> Gentlemen, there is definitively an issue on jabber.org, as even direct
> client connections are bouncing. Just to make sure, my JID is
> jlseguineau at corp.antepo.com. Could we try from a different server if anyone
> of you is hosted outside jabber.org. Looking forward to you subscriptions ;)
> Jean-Louis
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> Seems to be. Are you able to connect to other jabber servers?
> /maba
>>> As your jid propably is jlseguineau at im.antepo.com, i can tell you that i
>> Could this problem be due to s2s connectivity issues?  I'm currently
>> not able to connect to jabber.org since the upgrade :)
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