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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Aug 17 12:50:53 CDT 2006

I think it may be time to change our protocol branding to XMPP.

I realize this may seem radical. In 2004 we had a big debate about this
and it almost split the community apart. And at that time I opposed any
such change. But times change and people change their minds too. Here is
my reasoning:

1. In 2004 we were paranoid about using "XMPP" because we didn't want to
scare the IETF. But I think we would be OK if we clearly label the
protocols that we define as "XMPP Extensions" rather than as changes to
XMPP itself (which is still all and only what is defined in the RFCs).
See the "Relation to XMPP" note in any Standards Track JEP for details.

2. Now "XMPP" is much better known. "Jabber" is still better known, but
in the protocol space "XMPP" is now quite common.

3. Over time we have worked to disambiguate the term "Jabber" (thus
"jabberd" instead of "the Jabber server") and this is part of that effort.

4. "XMPP" (and "XMPP extension") provides a neutral, non-trademarked
term for the protocols we use. This is especially popular among software
vendors and service providers (e.g., you'll note that folks like Jive
Software and Google Talk use the term "XMPP" rather than "Jabber").

5. This would be limited to *protocol* branding (for now). So we would
still have the Jabber Software Foundation as our umbrella organization
(I think to change the organization name legally would be a PITA). But
we would move our protocol documents from jabber.org to xmpp.org and
change them from Jabber Enhancement Proposals to XMPP Extension
Protocols or something like that. But we might brand xmpp.org as a
sub-group or initiative of the JSF. I used to think the name "XMPP
Technology Consortium" was cool but "XTC" might not be such a good
acronym. ;-) So now I lean to "XMPP Technology Forum" (which sounds more
open than a consortium).



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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