[Members] JID Naming and a possible JID Object Model

Stephan Maka astro at spaceboyz.net
Thu Aug 17 22:23:39 CDT 2006

Chris Mullins wrote:
> I've never liked JID, although not due to the acronym. I dislike the
> overloading of the term:
> All of these are JID's:
> Jabber.org
> jabber.org/resource
> cmullins at jabber.org
> cmullins at jabber.org/resource

But, as you named it, the two latter ones are Bare JID and Full JID.
Can't you map them into your OOP paradigm?

> I would love to get a nice Object Model put together for this, and for a
> few of the other common XMPP and JEP components.  
> Anyone besides me think this would be benficial? 

Yes. I once stumbled upon XMPP4R which was written by Lucas Nussbaum. I
was then overwhelmed by its clear structure. Now I'm the maintainer and
I don't feel I've continued that flavour. But let me outline the core
concept in OOP:

   |       |
Client  Component

The Stream class is responsible for dealing with the stream parser and
firing stanza callbacks. The Connection class cares about TCP
connections. The Client and Component classes care about client and
component specific initialization and authentication.

Other libraries do different, do they?

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