[Members] getting active

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Mon Aug 21 01:49:53 CDT 2006

Lucas Nussbaum schrieb:
> On 16/08/06 at 14:02 -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> I think we can establish a similar relationship between the membership
>> and the Board -- i.e., most of the organizational and "business"
>> discussion would happen on the members list whereas the Board would
>> mostly ratify initiatives that bubble up from the membership.
> One big problem with this will be scalability: going from a 5-members
> team to a 50+-members team. Discussions and reaching pseudo-consensus
> with 50 members will be very hard in most cases. How do you expect
> this to work ?
Some basic project management rules need to be applied.

Simply put, we will have a core conceptual team that takes decisions and 
an executing group around it.

This splitting doesn't mean that people from the one group can't be in 
the other group and vice versa.

Of course everyone can rise questions and have objections, but, however, 
decisions are taken by the core team ( so called representative 
democracy ).

We need to have some project angels, one or two concepters, four or five 
graphics, four or five html coders, roughly ten developers, a build 
manager, a cvs repository manager, one or two project managers and then 
i think, we can bring that baby to live.

But ! This includes real serious backening by all the parts of the JSF, 
including the iteam. I have had requested the subdomain for the software 
map several times and nothing happened. All parts must function 
harmonized and perfect.

That's what i think on this.

Best regards,

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