[Members] jabber.org website mandate

Artur Hefczyc artur.hefczyc at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 03:52:25 CDT 2006

> > >A related project might be re-doing the jabber.org website, but I'll
> > >leave that for another thread. :-)
> >
> > If the a significant portion of the jabber.org content is moving over
> > to xmpp.org, then I *beg* that we turn jabber.org into a **end-user-
> > centric** community-oriented website. As it currently stands, it is
> > very corporate/engineer oriented. Jabber (as a communications
> > network) has a very large need for something like this, and I can
> > think of no better place for it than jabber.org.
> +1. But we need to find a way to do this without spending too much
> resources (all previous attempts to do such a site have failed
> miserably until now).

But.... there is always but..., look for comments in-line

> I think that requirements should be:
> - Wiki-based (because it's Web 2.0, and allows other parties to
>   contribute)

Thats a good idea, any suggestions what wiki to use?

> - With forums, possibily on another site, because users like them.

Definitely agree. 
I could suggest Jive Software forums. It is commercial but maybe they would
offer a free license for JSF. If so I could offer my help in setting this up.
Any others suggestions are also welcome of course.

> - English-only, because it's difficult to maintain a multi-language
>   wiki, and because there are already a lot of good local jabber
> community out there (in spanish, french, etc).

I disagree. I think we should be open to the whole Jabber community
not just English speakers. And tbh I don't think it is particularly difficult
to maintain multilanguage site or forum.

Artur Hefczyc

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