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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
 > Right. This is geek branding. Jabber branding for people, XMPP branding
> for geeks (well, geeks are people too, right?).

You can believe that if you want. In my world XMPP is going to be for
chimps making use of chips in nefarious ways. Eee eee, animals in pants. :-D

My votes: +1 for moving the nerdy stuff to XMPP.org, keeping the geeky
stuff at Jabber.org, and renaming JEPs.

Any takers on another term for JID, or ideas on how to get people to
know what one is other than by asking for their GMail account? IM
address at this stage of the game is to vague, like asking for an email
address back in the hey-day of AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy.

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