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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Do you have suggestions on how to get someone other than protocol geeks
> to write XMPP protocol extensions? Do we even want that? IMHO it's best
> to leave the writing of protocol extensions to people who (1) can write
> and (2) understand XMPP. There aren't many such people around. ;-) In
> fact there's probably a good reason why I've written 80% or more of the
> JEPs. Documentation is no fun, especially when you're writing protocol
> specs.

Your criteria is good, but I think the best approach is to have people
actually create a protocol for their app. Possibly another group will do
the same thing but differently. Then it's probably best for someone like
you, PSA, to step in and broker out a JEP...er, XEP, that both will use.

There is also the case of someone implementing a protocol and then
contributing a JEP in the hopes someone else will use it. That's great too.

I just like seeing a usable implementation of a protocol prior to seeing
it hailed as the next best thing.

> I think we have basic chatting with friends and colleagues covered
> pretty well, no? Most of the things we work on these days are extensions
> that will lay the groundwork for more fun stuff like social networking
> (thus all the work on pubsub/PEP and various payloads for that).

Don't forget multimedia! Images, sounds, and video. The GTalk team is
pushing this stuff out in wonderful ways from what they publish on their

And there's encryption which needs to start pervading everything. We
need to be able to say "Big brother, where art thou?" and sit back with
a smile of pride.

- - Nolan

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