[Members] jabber.org website mandate

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Fri Aug 25 04:48:04 CDT 2006

Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> i agree that Pandion is an awesome and easy to use client. I don't think 
> we should recommend one or more clients here. This will end in a big 
> discussion and every (client) developer wants his software listed here.

:) And this is exactly what I was talking about. If we can't get the 
user up and running in a few minutes we shouldn't focus the site on the 
end user and leave that to others that do want to point the enduser to a 
suitable client.

BTW I'm not saying that we should just offer one client as THE jabber 
client for new users. We should make it an easy choice though, a clear 
page with max 5 (?) clients with screenshots, main advantages and only 
clients that are applicable to this users platform.

There are a LOT of Jabber clients out there but there are only a handful 
that are actually usable for your average enduser.

> This would be different if we have one client which is officially 
> supported and developed by the JSF. But thats the other problem that 
> every developer wants to start a new client instead of helping out with 
> existing software. PSI would be a good base here because its GPL and 
> cross platform.
There have been some discussions about JSF software but the consensus 
seems to be that this is not a task for the JSF. We don't even have the 
resources to do this and it would put the rest of the community at a 
really big disadvantage because the JSF owns the jabber brand (and the 
corresponding domains).


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