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Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Tue Jan 10 18:26:16 CST 2006

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Trejkaz wrote:
>> We need a few "killing apps" for pubsub. Currently we are trapped in the
>> head/tail issue of providers existence<->client support.
> Here's some:
>   * Live search results (PubSub.com have been doing this for ages now, right?)
>   * Push replacement for HTTP+Atom
>   * Weather indication

I don't like to "require" a login in pubsub.com system to use the
technology, since pubsub.com doesn't do S2S. I'm still waiting the XMPP
Atom "dawn". And current weather reporting systems, there are a lot in
XMPP space, are not providing pubsub capabilities, as far as I know.

So the technology is here and the "ideas" are floating around, but there
is no STILL killer app visible and useable to users.

> (Incidentally, a lot of the killer apps for PubSub wouldn't even fit into what 
> you would consider a Jabber client in the first place.  PubSub.com's feed 
> thingy sits in a browser sidebar, it doesn't let you chat but it's still a 
> Jabber client, technically.)

I agree, of course. And now that we have a JEP for service negotiation
by resource (for the VOIP thing), we can see soon a pletora of XMPP
"agents" around our desktops. The issue is... I don't have those agents
yet, because I can't still connect them to services I would like.

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