[Members] jabber.org reliability/uptime

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Wed Jan 11 02:48:44 CST 2006

As long as I can remember jabber.org has been having problems. Downtime, 
people being unable to login, failing server connections, dropped 
messages, problems with registration, etc. It seems obvious that 
something on that server is having some fundamental problems  :)

Do we know what this problem (or those problems) is/are? Are these 
problems fixable? If so, what's needed for this? More manpower? A fund 

Most people that want to try Jabber end up getting an account at 
jabber.org, it's just the most visible jabber server. Now if those 
people are constantly having problems with communicating with other 
Jabber users because jabber.org is having problems these people are 
going to drop Jabber pretty quickly and go back the (proprietary) IM 
networks that they used before and that did work as advertised... IMO 
that's not what we want :) We want world domination and I don't think 
we're going to attain that when the main Jabber server that we have 
isn't functioning (close to) 100% of the time...

What can I do to fix this? Donate time? Money? Write software? Burn 
black candles and pour goat blood over my computer? Or is it just me 
having problems with jabber.org?


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